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Well, you already have a large and beautiful swimming pool in your backyard. Now is the time to provide it with the proper maintenance. Even if you check the pool water pH level, remove the dirt and debris, as well as vacuum and brush the surfaces on a regular basis, some problems may still occur. How can a well-respected swimming pool company handle them?

  • Lining issues. One of the most common problems that may appear with your pool’s structural integrity is tears and rips in the lining. But this usually occurs when your home addition is old. The other natural reason for this problem is a sharp object in it. When you have kids and pets, they normally play in the water with different objects and they may cause this kind of damage. However, if you hire a certified pool technician, you don’t have to worry as he will take care of it.

  • Pumps and filters. Your pool’s water pump motor may experience a failure. It is responsible for providing water to the swimming pool, as well as heating it. When it is broken, it will work non-stop, without shutting down, resulting in higher utility bills. Another visible and obvious sign of such a failure is dirty and cloudy water. There could be a situation when the filters aren’t working properly. Or another scenario is – both pump and filters function well but they don’t work well together. Do not compromise the quality of your pool water, and hire a knowledgeable technician.

  • Leaks. Leaks are pretty normal, this is a swimming pool, after all, you would say.¬†However, they can cause a huge loss of water and boost your utility bills.

  • Salt cells. When they get clogged, normally, they need to be replaced. And this is a costly investment. So, keep an eye on them and call a pro for a careful inspection and cleaning.

 When you suspect pool problems, do not delay, but call our Birmingham, AL technicians right away. B& j Pools LLC is the swimming pool company you are searching for.


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